Boulder Junction Lake Real Estate

   The lake real estate market in Boulder Junction consists of a wide variety of lots on big clear lakes. Many of the lake homes available in the area are on the older, more cabin like side. There are a fair amount of lake homes available in Boulder Junction, most of which are lower priced. There is a limited number of lake lots available in the area. Boulder Junction is a 27 minute drive north from Minocqua and is located in Vilas County. This area of Northern Wisconsin has a lot of state owned land and state trails providing for many ways to get out and enjoy nature while up at your lake home.

Lakes Near Boulder Junction

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Diamond LakePublic115Seepage16 min20 ft22.5 ftNo
Sparkling LakePublic157Seepage15 min35 ft22 ftNo
Carlin LakeSemi-Public155Seepage25 min18 ft17.4 ftNo
Armour LakeSemi-Public328Drainage27 min26 ft16.4 ftNo
White Sand LakePublic746Drainage8 min33 ft15.3 ftNo
Trout LakePublic3,864Drainage10 min49 ft15.2 ftNo
Lost Canoe LakePublic279Seepage9 min10 ft15 ftNo
Jute LakePublic191Seepage23 min16 ft14.9 ftNo
White Birch LakePublic113Drainage16 min12 ft13.8 ftBallard
Crab LakePublic909Drainage26 min22 ft13.5 ftNo
Lynx LakePublic339Drainage16 min18 ft12.3 ftNo
Ballard LakePublic503Drainage20 min10 ft12.2 ftBallard
Jag LakePublic162Seepage9 min12 ft12.1 ftNo
Big Muskellunge LakePublic897Seepage13 min26 ft11 ftNo
Lower Gresham LakePublic141Drainage21 min6 ft11 ftNo
Round LakePublic116Drainage15 min11 ft10.8 ftNo
Upper Gresham LakePublic362Drainage15 min13 ft10.7 ftNo
Lone Pine LakePrivate137Drainage23 min20 ft10.6 ftNo
Oxbow LakePublic523Drainage33 min15 ft9.8 ftNo
Wildcat LakePublic293Drainage8 min12 ft9.8 ftNo
High LakePublic741Drainage16 min13 ft9.6 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Rush LakePublic43Drainage16 min4 ft8.9 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Fishtrap LakePublic339Drainage11 min18 ft8.7 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Horsehead LakePublic250Drainage22 min13 ft8.7 ftNo
Whitney LakePublic226Spring Fed18 min4 ft8.4 ftNo
Little Presque IslePublic144Drainage31 min9 ft8.4 ftNo
Little Crooked LakePublic154Drainage15 min11 ft8 ftNo
Stateline LakePublic205Spring Fed27 min26 ft7.6 ftNo
Twin Island LakePublic203Drainage25 min8 ft7.5 ftNo
Morton LakePublic165Drainage18 min13 ft7.4 ftNatural Lakes
Tenderfoot LakePublic453Drainage36 min14 ft7.1 ftNo
Cochran LakePublic133Spring Fed22 min5 ft7 ftNo
Wild Rice LakePublic384Drainage29 min11 ft6.8 ftManitowish Waters
Annebelle LakePublic213Drainage20 min12 ft6.8 ftNo
Irving LakePublic419Drainage27 min4 ft6.6 ftBallard
Boulder LakePublic516Drainage4 min12 ft6.4 ftNo
McCullough LakePublic221Drainage20 min14 ft5.7 ftNatural Lakes
Little John LakePublic151Drainage10 min5 ft5.6 ftNo
Van Vliet LakePublic230Spring Fed24 min9 ft4.3 ftPresque Isle
Palmer LakePublic644Drainage30 min8 ft3.7 ftNo

  • General information about Boulder Junction:

  • - There is a gas station.
  • - There are a few restaurants.
  • - There are not any fast food places.
  • - There are five bars in Boulder Junction.
  • - The nearest hospital is a 23 minute drive.
  • - There is a tiny grocery store in Boulder Junction.
  • - The year round population of Boulder Junction is just under 1,000.

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