Lake Real Estate in Eagle River, Wisconsin

   Eagle River is probably the most well known town in Northern Wisconsin. People have been coming to Eagle River for vacation ever since the trains were the main mode of transportation. The town itself is quaint with lots of character while still offering the modern conveniences of big grocery stores and gas stations as well as numerous speciality shops. There is a nice range of lake real estate available in the area. You can find homes ranging from old cabins that need restoration to multi-million dollar new homes. Eagle River is famous for its Chain of Lakes. The Eagle River/Three Lakes Chain is the largest freshwater chain in the world and an extremely popular fishing and boating place.

Lakes Near Eagle River

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Stormy LakePublic523Seepage18 min33 ft21.1 ftNo
Sugar Camp LakePublic519Seepage17 min15 ft19.6 ftNo
Clearwater LakePrivate358Spring Fed6 min22 ft16.6 ftNo
Long LakePublic872Drainage38 min30 ft13.9 ftNo
Spectacle LakePublic166Seepage30 min12 ft13.8 ftNo
Sunset LakePublic207Seepage13 min15 ft12.5 ftNo
Nelson LakePublic104Seepage14 min20 ft12.5 ftNo
Tambling LakePublic172Spring Fed8 min7 ft10.9 ftNo
Dollar LakePublic107Seepage7 min7 ft10.7 ftNo
North Twin LakePublic2,871Drainage22 min28 ft10.6 ftNo
South Twin LakePublic642Drainage18 min20 ft10.6 ftNo
Hunter LakePublic175Seepage22 min17 ft10.6 ftNo
Deerskin LakePublic301Spring Fed15 min6 ft10.1 ftNo
Lower Nine Mile LakePublic849Drainage18 min6 ft9.9 ftNo
Meta LakePublic175Seepage9 min13 ft9.9 ftNo
Aldridge LakeSemi-Public142Drainage12 min6 ft9.8 ftNo
Big Sand LakePublic1,427Drainage33 min16 ft9.7 ftNo
Little Tamarack FlowagePublic236Drainage27 min7 ft9.6 ftNo
Carpenter LakePublic339Seepage11 min10 ft9.4 ftNo
Sevenmile LakePublic518Drainage21 min19 ft9.2 ftNo
Pioneer LakePublic429Drainage16 min12 ft9.1 ftNo
Upper Buckatabon LakePublic493Drainage27 min20 ft8.9 ftNo
Anvil LakePublic377Seepage16 min19 ft8.8 ftNo
Bass LakeSemi-Public124Spring Fed10 min7 ft8.1 ftNo
Lower Buckatabon LakePublic378Drainage21 min8 ft7.9 ftNo
Kentuck LakePublic1,001Drainage26 min13 ft7.7 ftNo
Long LakePublic620Drainage13 min13 ft7.5 ftThree Lakes
Indian LakePublic397Spring Fed17 min11 ft6.8 ftNo
Snipe LakePublic216Seepage13 min10 ft6.6 ftNo
Cranberry LakePublic924Drainage10 min9 ft6.2 ftEagle River
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010Drainage12 min16 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Columbus LakePublic677Drainage22 min15 ft6 ftNo
Catfish LakePublic978Drainage8 min12 ft5.6 ftEagle River
Scattering Rice LakePublic263Drainage10 min8 ft5.2 ftEagle River
Yellow Birch LakePublic192Drainage5 min11 ft5.2 ftNo
Eagle LakePublic572Drainage7 min16 ft5.1 ftEagle River
Otter LakePublic174Drainage9 min12 ft5 ftEagle River
Duck LakePublic106Drainage4 min7 ft4.8 ftEagle River
Voyageur LakePublic143Drainage6 min6 ft4.7 ftEagle River
Boot LakePublic284Drainage15 min9 ft3.7 ftNo
Muskellunge LakePublic272Drainage14 min9 ft3.2 ftNo
Kathan LakePublic214Drainage12 min6 ft2.8 ftNo

  • General information about Eagle River:

  • - Eagle River is the snowmobile capital of the world.
  • - There are multiple gas stations.
  • - There are a many restaurants.
  • - There are a few fast food places.
  • - There are many bars.
  • - There is a hospital in Eagle River.
  • - There is a Walgreens in Eagle River.
  • - There are two large grocery stores in Eagle River.
  • - There are lumber yards in Eagle River.
  • - There are golf courses near town.
  • - The year round population of Eagle River is just under 1,500.
  • - The population quadruples in the summer time.
  • - More information on Eagle River can be found at

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