Eagle River
   Eagle River is the original vacation and retirement destination in Northern Wisconsin. It has modern conveniences of big grocery stores and a hospital, but it feels like an old town pulled off the cover of a postcard. Main street hasn't changed a ton (appearance wise anyway) over the years and still consists of mom and pop stores instead of big corporate operations. The Eagle River/Three Lakes Chain of Lakes is the world's largest freshwater lake chain with 28 lakes connected together. This was one of features that first drew vacationers to the area. It has a year round population of 1,419 and is a compact 3.20 square miles. With it's interconnected network of lakes and rivers, Eagle River made an ideal place to settle back in the old days and was the home of the first permanent Indian settlement in the Northwoods. The town was named in 1853 for the abundance of eagles on the river. Eagle River has been known as the "snowmobile capital of the world" where for 50 years the World Champion Snow Derby has been held. Eagle River has a really informative website where you can find more information about this wonderful Wisconsin town.
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Grocery Stores: Location:
TrigsEast Side
Pick n' SaveNorth Side
Country Store of Eagle RiverDowntown
Closest Hospital:
Ascension Eagle River - North side of town.
Nearby Bike Trails:
Anvil Lake Trail - A twelve mile biking/walking/skiing/snowshoeing route with varying terrain and difficulties. Bathrooms are available and a fee is required as it is part of the State Park System.

Eagle River - Land O'Lakes Bike Route - A 22 mile route the connects Eagle River to Land O'Lakes. The route is on the road so you should be sure to watch for vehicles. The roads are back roads and wind through pretty Northwoods forests.

Nicolet North Trails - The Nicolet North Trails are also part of the National Forest. There is a fee required. The trail system is fast and kept groomed for cross country skiing. This trail system connects to the Anvil Lake Trail.

Three Eagle Trail - A crushed limestone trail that connects Eagle River to Three Lakes. Great for walking, biking, cross country skiing and more. The trail meanders through various terrains and through the forests of Vilas County. A very nice trail.

Nearby Hiking/Cross Country Skiing Trails:
Anvil Lake Trail - See Above. The Anvil Lake Trails are multi-purpose trails.

Three Eagle Trails - Also a multi-purpose trail system.

Nicolet North Trails - Another multi-purpose trail system. See above for details

Blackjack Springs Wilderness Trail - This trail runs through the 5800 acre Blackjack Wilderness area and allows exploration of the four large springs that form the Headwaters of Blackjack Creek. It is located 7 miles northeast of town.

Franklin Lake Trail - A one mile trail along the "Avenue of Giants" between Butternut and Franklin Lakes. Some trees along this route are up to 400 years old. A parking sticker is required here.

Hidden Lakes Trail - A 13 mile walking and snowshoeing trail that goes around Butternut Lake and has a camping area for overnight hikes. The trail goes past many small lakes offering an opportunity to connect with the tranquil nature of the northwoods.

Mud Minnow Lake Trail - A 2.8 mile segment of the Vilas County Forest Trail System that winds through the deep woods of Vilas County. Not very accessible in the winter.

Snipe Lake and Ewald Lake Trails - An extensive 16.4 mile trail system with a variety of terrain. In the winter, many parts of the trail are inaccessible because roads aren't plowed and some parts of the trail are used as snowmobile trails.

Tara Lila Trails - Up to ten miles of trails on private land west of Clearwater Lake. These natural surface trails traverse uneven ground through a variety of ecosystems.

Nearby Paddling Routes:
WI River Centennial Trail Trip Two - A 23 mile paddle that takes about 9 hours from beginning to end of this segment. It goes from the River Road landing to the beginning of the Rainbow Flowage. There are some portages by the dams
Nearby ATV Trails:
Landover ATV Club Trails - A vast network of ATV trails that connect Eagle River to Upper Michigan. There are a variety of riding options ranging from paved roads to trails through the national forests. By far the largest ATV trail network in Vilas County.
Nearby Snowmobile Trails:
Sno-Eagles Trails - Over 100 miles of groomed trails that connect to everywhere you could think of going on a sled in Northern WI or Michigan. Trails are kept in great condition and are a major calling card of the area.


    Distance from Town Center
Surrounding Towns:
Three Lakes - A twelve minute drive from downtown Eagle River will take you to downtown Three Lakes. Three Lakes is a great little town. It was voted best town in America in a Disney vote a few years back. The town has a mom and pop feel and is quite cozy. There are a few places in town to grab a bite to eat, a great little bakery and my favorite, an ice cream shop. You won't feel anything other than welcomed by the great people of this little town. For the wine lovers out there, don't miss the chance to check out the Three Lakes Winery.

Saint Germain - A fifteen minute drive from Eagle River will bring you to St. Germain. St. Germain is another smaller northwoods town. It has quite a few places to eat in town, a grocery store, some rental places and a few hotels. There are also activities happening around the town all year round.

Clearwater Lake - Clearwater Lake is the home of Gold Bar Realty, Aroma's restaurant, and to some really nice people. It's basically a map dot on HWY 45 but is located just five miles from both Eagle River and Three Lakes so it is has location working in its favor.

Sugar Camp - Sugar Camp is thirteen miles south of Eagle River on HWY 17. There are a few bar and grill places in town as well as the White Stag, which has some really good food.

Conover - Fourteen miles north of Eagle River on HWY 45 lies Conover. Conover is another map dot town, but it has gas and bait and can come in handy if you live north of Eagle River and need something small. It saves some drive time.




Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Stormy LakePublic523Seepage18 min33 ft21.1 ftNo
Sugar Camp LakePublic519Seepage17 min15 ft19.6 ftNo
Clearwater LakePrivate358Spring Fed6 min22 ft16.6 ftNo
Long LakePublic872Drainage38 min30 ft13.9 ftNo
Spectacle LakePublic166Seepage30 min12 ft13.8 ftNo
Sunset LakePublic207Seepage13 min15 ft12.5 ftNo
Nelson LakePublic104Seepage14 min20 ft12.5 ftNo
Tambling LakePublic172Spring Fed8 min7 ft10.9 ftNo
Dollar LakePublic107Seepage7 min7 ft10.7 ftNo
North Twin LakePublic2,871Drainage22 min28 ft10.6 ftNo
South Twin LakePublic642Drainage18 min20 ft10.6 ftNo
Hunter LakePublic175Seepage22 min17 ft10.6 ftNo
Deerskin LakePublic301Spring Fed15 min6 ft10.1 ftNo
Lower Nine Mile LakePublic849Drainage18 min6 ft9.9 ftNo
Meta LakePublic175Seepage9 min13 ft9.9 ftNo
Aldridge LakeSemi-Public142Drainage12 min6 ft9.8 ftNo
Big Sand LakePublic1,427Drainage33 min16 ft9.7 ftNo
Little Tamarack FlowagePublic236Drainage27 min7 ft9.6 ftNo
Carpenter LakePublic339Seepage11 min10 ft9.4 ftNo
Sevenmile LakePublic518Drainage21 min19 ft9.2 ftNo
Pioneer LakePublic429Drainage16 min12 ft9.1 ftNo
Upper Buckatabon LakePublic493Drainage27 min20 ft8.9 ftNo
Anvil LakePublic377Seepage16 min19 ft8.8 ftNo
Bass LakeSemi-Public124Spring Fed10 min7 ft8.1 ftNo
Lower Buckatabon LakePublic378Drainage21 min8 ft7.9 ftNo
Kentuck LakePublic1,001Drainage26 min13 ft7.7 ftNo
Long LakePublic620Drainage13 min13 ft7.5 ftThree Lakes
Indian LakePublic397Spring Fed17 min11 ft6.8 ftNo
Snipe LakePublic216Seepage13 min10 ft6.6 ftNo
Cranberry LakePublic924Drainage10 min9 ft6.2 ftEagle River
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010Drainage12 min16 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Columbus LakePublic677Drainage22 min15 ft6 ftNo
Catfish LakePublic978Drainage8 min12 ft5.6 ftEagle River
Scattering Rice LakePublic263Drainage10 min8 ft5.2 ftEagle River
Yellow Birch LakePublic192Drainage5 min11 ft5.2 ftNo
Eagle LakePublic572Drainage7 min16 ft5.1 ftEagle River
Otter LakePublic174Drainage9 min12 ft5 ftEagle River
Duck LakePublic106Drainage4 min7 ft4.8 ftEagle River
Voyageur LakePublic143Drainage6 min6 ft4.7 ftEagle River
Boot LakePublic284Drainage15 min9 ft3.7 ftNo
Muskellunge LakePublic272Drainage14 min9 ft3.2 ftNo
Kathan LakePublic214Drainage12 min6 ft2.8 ftNo
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