Lac Du Flambeau Lake Lots and Homes For Sale

   Lac Du Flambeau is the home of Lake of the Torches Casino. It is a small town located just 22 minutes north west of Minocqua. The area is home to the Fence Lake/Lac Du Flambeau Chain of Lakes which is one of the nicer chains in Northern Wisconsin.

Lakes Near Lac Du Flambeau

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Statenaker LakePublic204Seepage13 min29 ft17.6 ftNo
Little Crawling StonePublic113Drainage9 min18 ft17.5 ftFence Lake
Long Interlaken LakePublic380Drainage4 min20 ft14.8 ftFence Lake
White Sand LakePublic1,229Drainage13 min24 ft14.4 ftNo
Big Crooked LakePublic665Drainage18 min16 ft14.1 ftNo
Pokegama LakePublic1,041Drainage5 min20 ft14 ftFence Lake
Whitefish LakeSemi-Public200Spring Fed15 min19 ft14 ftNo
Crawling Stone LakePublic1,483Drainage7 min31 ft13.8 ftFence Lake
Flambeau LakePublic1,166Drainage7 min28 ft13.2 ftFence Lake
Moss LakePublic185Seepage3 min15 ft13 ftFence Lake
Little Sand LakePublic110Spring Fed16 min14 ft12.9 ftNo
Tippecanoe LakePublic143Seepage13 min15 ft12.6 ftNo
Broken Bow LakePublic133Seepage12 min11 ft12.3 ftNo
Great Bass LakePublic116Seepage18 min7 ft12.3 ftNo
Muskesin LakePublic115Seepage8 min11 ft11.4 ftNo
Lower Sugarbush LakePublic180Drainage9 min23 ft10.8 ftSugarbush
Bolton LakeSemi-Public140Spring Fed10 min17 ft10.6 ftNo
Middle Sugarbush LakePublic254Drainage10 min18 ft10.5 ftSugarbush
Stearns LakePublic232Seepage8 min6 ft9.9 ftNo
Ike Walton LakePublic1,417Seepage14 min10 ft8.8 ftNo
Booth LakePublic204Spring Fed14 min17 ft7.8 ftNo
Fuller LakePublic100Spring Fed19 min5 ft7.5 ftNo
Mitten LakeSemi-Public135Seepage14 min12 ft7.4 ftNo
Diamond LakePublic117Seepage17 min9 ft6.2 ftNo
Squaw LakePublic736Drainage26 min10 ft5.9 ftNo
Buckskin LakePublic634Spring Fed14 min7 ft4.7 ftNo

  • General information about Lac Du Flambeau:

  • - Lake of the Torches Casino is in Lac Du Flambeau.
  • - There is a gas station.
  • - There is a restaurant.
  • - There are a couple of bars in Lac Du Flambeau.
  • - The nearest hospital is 18 minutes away.
  • - There is a small grocery store in town.
  • - The year round population of Lac Du Flambeau is just over 3,000.

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