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    Lake Clarity

    Extremely Clear
      Secchi disk reading of 15 feet or more. Extremely clear water indicates an obligotrophic lake which is clear, deep, and largely free of weeds. The fish population is usually smaller, but there are more trophy size fish.
    Very Clear
      Secchi disk reading of 10 to 15 feet. These mesotrophic lakes are very clear lakes with few weeds. They often have more fish than an obligotrophic lake but less than an eutrophic one. There is good balance in mesotrophic lakes.
      Secchi disk reading of 7 to 10 feet. These lakes fall between eutrophic and mesotrophic on the scale. They have more weeds and fish than the mesotrphic lakes and less weeds and fish than the eutrophic lakes.
      Secchi disk reading of 4 to 7 feet. Lakes with murky water are considered to be eutrophic. They support a large fish population and have a fair amount of weeds.
    Very Murky
      Secchi disk reading of less than 4 feet. Very murky water means a lake is hypereutrophic. These lakes are very weedy and subject to frequent algae blooms. On the plus side, they support large fish populations.

    Distance From Town - Round Trip

    1-15 mins
      Go to town, grab a bite to eat, pick up some supplies and get back without wasting away your precious vacation time. You will also be far more likely to find high speed internet, good cell phone reception and natural gas in places close to town.
    16-30 mins
      With the bigger towns like Rhinelander, Eagle River, and Minocqua you might still find high speed internet and good cell phone reception. Natural gas is less likely. Multiple trips to town for food or groceries start to eat a lot of time.
    31-45 mins
      The ability to plan ahead is more important when it takes more than a half hour to just drive to town and back. High speed internet and natural gas are less likely to be found. Cell phone reception may not be available.
    46+ mins
      For those that really want to get away from the crowds. There is no such thing as a quick trip to town for gas or groceries. High speed internet, natural gas, and cell phone reception are things that are available less often as you get further from town.

    Chain or No Chain?

    Chain Lakes
      The Chain of Lakes are the place to be if you are looking for a lot of activity and enjoy taking your boat for long cruises. Since chain lakes are public gathering spots, they are louder and less private than non-chain lakes.
      Lakes that aren't on a chain are better for those who want more privacy and quiet. Privacy and quietness varies greatly depending on type of access, proximity to towns and size. Bigger public lakes close to towns are the busiest of the non-chain lakes.

    Average Lake Depth

    Very Deep
      Lakes with an average depth of 30 feet or more. The deeper the lake the cleaner the water is. Sediments can settle, once down in oxygen free water they remain settled. Fish waste and other pollutants are diluted with the higher volume of water.
      Lakes with an average depth of 15 to 30 feet. Lakes in this depth range are deep enough to eliminate worries of a rampant takeover of weeds. They are very clean and often have good underwater structural variance that makes for good fishing.
      Lakes with an average depth of 7 to 15 feet. Lakes with these depths often have a bigger area of weeds along the shorelines and cleaner water in the deeper holes. These lakes can also be good fishing lakes.
    Very Shallow
      Lakes with an average depth of less than 7 feet. These lakes have more weed growth and there is potential for the whole lake to be overtaken by weeds. The lower volume of water also makes the water dirtier by nature.

    Water Source

    Spring Fed
      Lakes which get their water from springs in their basin. Unlike drainage and seepage lakes, the water levels of spring fed lakes are consistent year to year. Like seepage lakes, spring fed lakes have very clean water.
      Natural lakes whose water source is rain, groundwater and a small amount of run off. With limited runoff, these lakes have lower nutrient levels and limited pollutants. Since seepage lakes rely on groundwater, levels vary with rainfall.
      Lakes whose water comes from ground and river drainage. They have high nutrient levels, meaning they support more vegetation. Shallow drainage lakes have murky water. These types of lakes rely on runoff and have more pollutants.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Black Oak LakePublic564SeepageLand O'Lakes7 min34 ft35 ftNo
Diamond LakePublic115SeepageMinocqua16 min20 ft19 ftNo
Sparkling LakePublic157SeepageBoulder Junction15 min35 ft22 ftNo
Stormy LakePublic523SeepageEagle River18 min33 ft21.1 ftNo
Hasbrook LakePublic307SeepageMinocqua18 min30 ft20.6 ftNo
Plummer LakeSemi-Public219SeepageMinocqua20 min30 ft20.5 ftNo
Hodstradt LakePublic119SeepageMinocqua17 min21 ft20.1 ftNo
Lake SeventeenSemi-Public172SeepageMinocqua12 min20 ft11.7 ftNo
Sugar Camp LakePublic519SeepageEagle River17 min15 ft19.6 ftNo
Little Star LakePublic244DrainageManitowish Waters5 min31 ft19.2 ftManitowish Waters
Manitowish LakePublic506DrainageManitowish Waters6 min23 ft16 ftManitowish Waters
Alva LakePublic199SeepageRhinelander25 min27 ft18.8 ftNo
Squash LakePublic392SeepageRhinelander12 min22 ft18.4 ftNo
Big Carr LakePublic209SeepageMinocqua17 min40 ft18.1 ftNo
Buffalo LakePublic106SeepageSt. Germain11 min18 ft18 ftNo
Little Tomahawk LakePublic163SpringMinocqua17 min28 ft18 ftMinocqua
Statenaker LakePublic204SeepageLac Du Flambeau13 min29 ft17.6 ftNo
Little Crawling StonePublic113DrainageLac Du Flambeau9 min18 ft17.5 ftFence Lake
Katherine LakePublic524SeepageMinocqua6 min16 ft17.3 ftNo
North Nokomis LakePublic470SpringSt. Germain13 min30 ft17 ftNo
Two Sisters LakePublic719SpringRhinelander24 min30 ft16.6 ftNo
South Two LakePublic221SeepageMinocqua23 min26 ft16.1 ftNo
Long LakePublic113SeepageRhinelander26 min23 ft16 ftNo
Plum LakePublic1,108DrainageSt. Germain10 min20 ft16 ftNo
Flannery LakePublic107SeepageRhinelander14 min12 ft15.8 ftNo
Lac Du LunePublic442DrainageLand O'Lakes19 min24 ft15.8 ftNo
Moon LakePublic131SeepageSt. Germain9 min17 ft15.8 ftNo
White Sand LakePublic746DrainageBoulder Junction8 min33 ft15.3 ftNo
Trout LakePublic3,864DrainageBoulder Junction15 min49 ft15.2 ftNo
Harris LakePublic534DrainageManitowish Waters21 min24 ft15 ftNo
Lost Canoe LakePublic279SeepageBoulder Junction9 min10 ft15 ftNo
Jute LakePublic191SeepageBoulder Junction23 min16 ft14.9 ftNo
Long Interlaken LakePublic380DrainageLac Du Flambeau4 min20 ft14.8 ftFence Lake
Papoose LakePublic422SpringManitowish Waters12 min28 ft14.7 ftNo
White Sand LakePublic1,229DrainageLac Du Flambeau13 min24 ft14.4 ftNo
Big Crooked LakePublic384DrainageLac Du Flambeau18 min30 ft14.1 ftNo
Sugar Maple LakePublic141SeepageLand O'Lakes22 min14 ft14.1 ftNo
Brandy LakePublic113DrainageMinocqua6 min20 ft14 ftNo
Pokegama LakePublic1,041DrainageLac Du Flambeau5 min20 ft14 ftFence Lake
Tomahawk LakePublic3,462DrainageMinocqua11 min33 ft18 ftMinocqua
Fence LakePublic3,483DrainageLac Du Flambeau18 min37 ft22 ftFence Lake
Long LakePublic872DrainageEagle River27 min30 ft13.9 ftNo
Crawling Stone LakePublic1,483DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min31 ft17 ftFence Lake
Presque Isle LakePublic1,165DrainageManitowish Waters22 min37 ft24 ftPresque Isle
Spectacle LakePublic166SeepageEagle River30 min12 ft13.8 ftNo
White Birch LakePublic113DrainageBoulder Junction16 min12 ft13.8 ftBallard
Crab LakePublic909DrainageBoulder Junction26 min22 ft13.5 ftNo
Franklin LakePublic161SeepageMinocqua15 min14 ft13.5 ftNo
Finley LakePublic108SeepageSt. Germain8 min8 ft13.3 ftNo
Flambeau LakePublic1,166DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min28 ft13.2 ftFence Lake
Moss LakePublic185SeepageLac Du Flambeau3 min15 ft13 ftFence Lake
Little Sand LakePublic110SpringLac Du Flambeau16 min14 ft12.9 ftNo
Razorback LakePublic381SeepageSt. Germain23 min15 ft12.7 ftNo
Lower Kaubashine LakePublic198DrainageMinocqua8 min16 ft12.6 ftNo
Manson LakePublic236DrainageRhinelander20 min26 ft12.6 ftNo
Tippecanoe LakePublic143SeepageLac Du Flambeau13 min15 ft12.6 ftNo
Forest LakePublic468SeepageLand O'Lakes12 min29 ft15 ftNo
Nelson LakePublic104SeepageEagle River14 min20 ft12.5 ftNo
Sunset LakeSemi-Private207SeepageEagle River13 min15 ft12.5 ftNo
Big Portage LakePublic586SeepageLand O'Lakes9 min18 ft12.4 ftNo
Broken Bow LakePublic133SeepageLac Du Flambeau12 min11 ft12.3 ftNo
Great Bass LakePublic116SeepageLac Du Flambeau18 min7 ft12.3 ftNo
Lynx LakePublic339DrainageBoulder Junction16 min18 ft12.3 ftNo
Ballard LakePublic503DrainageBoulder Junction20 min10 ft12.2 ftBallard
Jag LakePublic162SeepageBoulder Junction9 min12 ft12.1 ftNo
Little St. GermainPublic729DrainageSt. Germain7 min11 ft12 ftNo
Mildred LakePublic191SeepageRhinelander17 min12 ft20 ftNo
Lake LauraPublic628SeepageSt. Germain23 min20 ft19.6 ftNo
Crescent LakePublic626SpringRhinelander15 min17 ft11.5 ftNo
Muskesin LakePublic115SeepageLac Du Flambeau8 min11 ft11.4 ftNo
Bear LakePublic295SpringMinocqua18 min8 ft11.3 ftNo
Whitefish LakePublic199DrainageThree Lakes13 min16 ft8 ftThree Lakes
Rainbow LakePublic146DrainageManitowish Waters19 min16 ft11.1 ftNo
Rest LakePublic655DrainageManitowish Waters2 min18 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Spider LakePublic272DrainageManitowish Waters7 min20 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Big Muskellunge LakePublic897SeepageBoulder Junction13 min26 ft11 ftNo
Lower Gresham LakePublic141DrainageBoulder Junction21 min6 ft11 ftNo
Pine LakePublic204SeepageMinocqua23 min14 ft11 ftNo
Spirit LakePublic348DrainageThree Lakes3 min14 ft11 ftNo
Tambling LakePublic172SpringEagle River8 min7 ft10.9 ftNo
Lower Sugarbush LakePublic180DrainageLac Du Flambeau9 min23 ft10.8 ftSugarbush
Round LakePublic116DrainageBoulder Junction15 min11 ft10.8 ftNo
Tom Doyle LakePublic108DrainageRhinelander23 min16 ft7 ftNo
Dollar LakePublic107SeepageEagle River7 min7 ft10.7 ftNo
Upper Gresham LakePublic362DrainageBoulder Junction15 min13 ft10.7 ftNo
Hunter LakePublic175SeepageEagle River22 min17 ft10.6 ftNo
North Twin LakePublic2,871DrainageEagle River22 min28 ft10.6 ftNo
South Twin LakePublic642DrainageEagle River18 min20 ft10.6 ftNo
Middle Sugarbush LakePublic254DrainageLac Du Flambeau10 min18 ft10.5 ftSugarbush
Lone Stone LakePublic171SeepageThree Lakes20 min15 ft10.5 ftNo
Clear LakePublic515SpringManitowish Waters10 min16 ft10.2 ftManitowish Waters
Maple LakePublic131SpringThree Lakes3 min8 ft10.2 ftNo
Deerskin LakePublic301SpringEagle River15 min6 ft10.1 ftNo
Birch LakePublic528DrainageManitowish Waters20 min22 ft10 ftNo
Star LakePublic1,206DrainageSt. Germain20 min23 ft10 ftNo
Big LakePublic850DrainageManitowish Waters20 min26 ft9.9 ftNo
Chain LakePublic201DrainageSt. Germain17 min12 ft9.9 ftSugar Camp
Lower Nine Mile LakePublic849DrainageEagle River18 min6 ft9.9 ftNo
Meta LakePublic175SeepageEagle River9 min13 ft9.9 ftNo
Moen LakePublic461DrainageRhinelander10 min8 ft9.9 ftMoen
Stearns LakePublic232SeepageLac Du Flambeau8 min6 ft9.9 ftNo
West Bay LakePublic368DrainageLand O'Lakes24 min12 ft9.9 ftCisco
Little Bearskin LakePublic184DrainageMinocqua15 min8 ft9.8 ftNo
Minocqua LakePublic1,339DrainageMinocqua4 min23 ft11 ftMinocqua
Oxbow LakePublic523DrainageBoulder Junction33 min15 ft9.8 ftNo
Skunk LakePublic128DrainageMinocqua25 min3 ft9.8 ftNo
Wildcat LakePublic293DrainageBoulder Junction8 min12 ft9.8 ftNo
Big Sand LakePublic1,427DrainageEagle River33 min16 ft9.7 ftNo
High LakePublic741DrainageBoulder Junction16 min13 ft9.6 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Little Tamarack FlowagePublic236DrainageEagle River27 min7 ft9.6 ftNo
Echo LakePublic120DrainageSt. Germain19 min8 ft4 ftSugar Camp
No Mans LakePublic230DrainageManitowish Waters25 min15 ft9.5 ftNo
Carpenter LakePublic339SeepageEagle River11 min10 ft9.4 ftNo
Carrol LakePublic330DrainageMinocqua9 min16 ft9.4 ftNo
Muskellunge LakePublic287SpringSt. Germain50 min13 ft9.2 ftNo
Sevenmile LakePublic518DrainageEagle River21 min19 ft9.2 ftNo
Stone LakePublic178DrainageSt. Germain49 min9 ft9.2 ftNo
Island LakePublic1,023DrainageManitowish Waters11 min13 ft9.1 ftManitowish Waters
Pioneer LakePublic429DrainageEagle River16 min12 ft9.1 ftNo
Pine LakePublic242DrainageRhinelander18 min15 ft9 ftNo
Big Stone LakePublic607DrainageThree Lakes5 min21 ft3.5 ftThree Lakes
Rush LakePublic43DrainageBoulder Junction16 min4 ft8.9 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Upper Buckatabon LakePublic493DrainageEagle River20 min20 ft8.9 ftNo
Alder LakePublic264DrainageManitowish Waters10 min16 ft8.8 ftManitowish Waters
Anvil LakePublic377SeepageEagle River16 min19 ft8.8 ftNo
Ike Walton LakePublic1,417SeepageLac Du Flambeau14 min10 ft8.8 ftNo
Virgin LakePublic276DrainageThree Lakes9 min13 ft8.8 ftNo
Dog LakePublic202DrainageThree Lakes10 min8 ft3.7 ftThree Lakes
Fishtrap LakePublic339DrainageBoulder Junction11 min18 ft11 ftHigh/Fishtrap
Horsehead LakePublic250DrainageBoulder Junction22 min13 ft8.7 ftNo
Third LakePublic103DrainageRhinelander13 min6 ft8.7 ftMoen
Kawaguesaga LakePublic700DrainageMinocqua9 min18 ft8.6 ftMinocqua
Little Spider LakePublic223SeepageMinocqua11 min13 ft8.6 ftNo
Ross LakePublic149DrainageSt. Germain20 min6 ft8.6 ftNo
Dead Pike LakePublic309DrainageManitowish Waters8 min26 ft8.4 ftNo
Little Presque IslePublic144DrainageBoulder Junction31 min9 ft8.4 ftNo
North Turtle LakePublic359DrainageManitowish Waters14 min21 ft8.4 ftWinchester
Whitney LakePublic226SpringBoulder Junction18 min4 ft8.4 ftNo
Second LakePublic111DrainageRhinelander14 min5 ft8.3 ftMoen
Towanda LakePublic139SeepageMinocqua9 min10 ft8.3 ftNo
Clear LakePublic212SeepageMinocqua14 min14 ft8.2 ftNo
Fourmile LakePublic210DrainageThree Lakes17 min12 ft2.5 ftThree Lakes
Little Fork LakePublic336DrainageThree Lakes11 min16 ft4.2 ftThree Lakes
Sand LakePublic540DrainageSt. Germain22 min13 ft5 ftSugar Camp
Willow LakePublic410DrainageMinocqua49 min4 ft8.2 ftNo
East Horsehead LakePublic191SpringRhinelander32 min15 ft8.1 ftNo
Pier LakePublic262DrainageMinocqua39 min6 ft8.1 ftNo
Ericson LakePublic46DrainageSt. Germain23 min8 ft8 ftNo
Fourth LakePublic253DrainageRhinelander18 min7 ft8 ftMoen
Little Crooked LakePublic154DrainageBoulder Junction15 min11 ft8 ftNo
Shepard LakePublic179DrainageRhinelander3 min10 ft8 ftNo
Lower Buckatabon LakePublic378DrainageEagle River21 min8 ft7.9 ftNo
Booth LakePublic204SpringLac Du Flambeau14 min17 ft7.8 ftNo
Lake JuliaPublic241SeepageRhinelander7 min10 ft7.8 ftNo
Thunder LakePublic172DrainageRhinelander7 min6 ft7.8 ftNo
Kentuck LakePublic1,001DrainageEagle River26 min13 ft7.7 ftNo
Stateline LakePublic205SpringBoulder Junction27 min26 ft7.6 ftNo
Fuller LakePublic100SpringLac Du Flambeau19 min5 ft7.5 ftNo
Long LakePublic620DrainageEagle River13 min13 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Twin Island LakePublic203DrainageBoulder Junction25 min8 ft5.5 ftNo
West Horsehead LakePublic145DrainageRhinelander28 min11 ft7.5 ftNo
Dam LakePublic732DrainageSt. Germain9 min18 ft7.4 ftSugar Camp
Fifth LakePublic238DrainageRhinelander25 min6 ft7.4 ftMoen
Morton LakePublic165DrainageBoulder Junction18 min13 ft7.4 ftNatural Lakes
Shishebogama LakePublic716DrainageMinocqua13 min17 ft7.4 ftNo
Birch LakePublic198DrainageMinocqua24 min13 ft7.3 ftNo
Pardee LakePublic207DrainageManitowish Waters35 min13 ft7.3 ftNo
Lake CreekPublic172DrainageRhinelander6 min5 ft7.1 ftRhinelander
Oscar Jenny LakePublic101SeepageRhinelander23 min12 ft7.1 ftNo
Tenderfoot LakePublic453DrainageBoulder Junction36 min14 ft7.1 ftNo
Cochran LakePublic133SpringBoulder Junction22 min5 ft7 ftNo
Deer LakePublic177DrainageThree Lakes7 min10 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Emma LakePublic227SeepageRhinelander17 min9 ft7 ftNo
Squirrel LakePublic1,309DrainageMinocqua19 min16 ft7 ftNo
Big St. Germain LakePublic1,622DrainageSt. Germain7 min21 ft6.9 ftNo
Laurel LakePublic249DrainageThree Lakes5 min8 ft4.2 ftThree Lakes
Willow FlowagePublic6,306DrainageMinocqua28 min10 ft6.9 ftNo
Annebelle LakePublic213DrainageBoulder Junction20 min12 ft6.8 ftNo
Big LakePublic865DrainageThree Lakes10 min13 ft4.8 ftThree Lakes
Indian LakePublic397SpringEagle River17 min11 ft6.8 ftNo
Snowden LakePublic135SeepageRhinelander13 min6 ft6.8 ftNo
Wild Rice LakePublic384DrainageBoulder Junction29 min11 ft6.8 ftManitowish Waters
Irving LakePublic419DrainageBoulder Junction27 min4 ft6.6 ftBallard
Little Portage LakePublic160DrainageLand O'Lakes9 min5 ft6.6 ftNo
Oneida LakePublic255DrainageRhinelander27 min10 ft6.6 ftNo
Snipe LakePublic216SeepageEagle River13 min10 ft8 ftNo
Bearskin LakePublic403DrainageMinocqua24 min12 ft6.5 ftNo
Jennie Webber LakePublic237DrainageRhinelander9 min5 ft6.5 ftNo
Pickerel LakePublic293DrainageSt. Germain25 min12 ft6.5 ftNo
Round LakePublic150DrainageThree Lakes13 min8 ft4.5 ftThree Lakes
Boulder LakePublic516DrainageBoulder Junction4 min12 ft6.4 ftNo
Gilmore LakePublic314DrainageSt. Germain17 min9 ft6.3 ftNo
Landing LakePublic203DrainageLand O'Lakes5 min9 ft6.3 ftNo
Cranberry LakePublic924DrainageEagle River10 min9 ft5 ftEagle River
Crystal LakePublic100DrainageThree Lakes6 min8 ft4.2 ftThree Lakes
Diamond LakePublic117SeepageLac Du Flambeau17 min9 ft6.2 ftNo
Crooked LakePublic175SpringThree Lakes15 min6 ft6.1 ftNo
Lac Vieux DesertPublic4,017DrainageLand O'Lakes14 min20 ft6.1 ftNo
Planting Ground LakePublic1,010DrainageThree Lakes6 min16 ft6.1 ftThree Lakes
Bass(31) LakePublic124DrainageRhinelander14 min7 ft6 ftRhinelander
Big Arbor VitaePublic1,070DrainageMinocqua10 min18 ft6 ftNo
Columbus LakePublic677DrainageEagle River22 min15 ft6 ftNo
Rhinelander FlowagePublic1,372DrainageRhinelander9 min5 ft6 ftNo
Mid LakePublic221SpringMinocqua12 min6 ft5.9 ftMinocqua
Squaw LakePublic736DrainageLac Du Flambeau26 min10 ft3.2 ftNo
Circle Lily LakePublic218SeepageManitowish Waters7 min20 ft5.7 ftNo
Island LakePublic305DrainageThree Lakes10 min11 ft3.7 ftThree Lakes
Lake ContentPublic239SeepageSt. Germain2 min10 ft5.7 ftNo
McCullough LakePublic221DrainageBoulder Junction20 min14 ft5.7 ftNatural Lakes
Catfish LakePublic978DrainageEagle River8 min12 ft5.6 ftEagle River
Gunlock LakePublic264SpringMinocqua17 min12 ft5.6 ftNo
Horsehead LakePublic377SpringMinocqua22 min8 ft5.6 ftNo
Little John LakePublic151DrainageBoulder Junction10 min5 ft5.6 ftNo
Lost LakePublic544DrainageSt. Germain6 min9 ft5.5 ftNo
Big Fork LakePublic663DrainageThree Lakes17 min17 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Scattering Rice LakePublic263DrainageEagle River10 min8 ft5.2 ftEagle River
Yellow Birch LakePublic192DrainageEagle River5 min11 ft5.2 ftNo
Eagle LakePublic572DrainageEagle River7 min16 ft5.1 ftEagle River
Mann LakePublic253SpringMinocqua14 min5 ft5 ftNo
Medicine LakePublic396DrainageThree Lakes5 min22 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Mercer LakePublic255DrainageMinocqua15 min13 ft5 ftNo
Otter LakePublic174DrainageEagle River9 min12 ft5 ftEagle River
Range Line LakePublic123DrainageThree Lakes5 min14 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Found LakePublic336DrainageSt. Germain8 min11 ft4.9 ftNo
Mill LakePublic125DrainageLand O'Lakes4 min4 ft4.9 ftNo
Boom LakePublic437DrainageRhinelander5 min11 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
Duck LakePublic106DrainageEagle River4 min7 ft4.8 ftEagle River
Rainbow FlowagePublic3,153DrainageSt. Germain6 min8 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
South Turtle LakePublic466DrainageManitowish Waters13 min15 ft4.8 ftWinchester
Swamsauger LakePublic136DrainageMinocqua33 min6 ft4.8 ftNo
Townline LakePublic152DrainageThree Lakes4 min12 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Buckskin LakePublic634SpringLac Du Flambeau14 min7 ft4.7 ftNo
Voyageur LakePublic143DrainageEagle River6 min6 ft4.7 ftEagle River
Rock LakePublic120SeepageManitowish Waters22 min8 ft4.5 ftWinchester
Hancock LakePublic259DrainageRhinelander27 min11 ft4.4 ftNo
Van Vliet LakePublic230SpringBoulder Junction24 min9 ft4.3 ftPresque Isle
Little Arbor VitaePublic540DrainageMinocqua10 min11 ft4.2 ftNo
Madeline LakePublic172DrainageMinocqua9 min9 ft4.1 ftNo
Big LakePublic771DrainageLand O'Lakes19 min13 ft4 ftCisco
Mamie LakePublic337DrainageLand O'Lakes15 min10 ft4 ftCisco
Boot LakePublic284DrainageEagle River15 min9 ft3.7 ftNo
Palmer LakePublic644DrainageBoulder Junction30 min8 ft3.7 ftNo
Pickerel LakePublic736DrainageSt. Germain6 min9 ft3.6 ftNo
Lake GeorgePublic435DrainageRhinelander12 min14 ft3.5 ftNo
Muskellunge LakePublic272DrainageEagle River14 min9 ft3.2 ftNo
Kathan LakePublic214DrainageEagle River12 min6 ft2.8 ftNo
McCormick LakePublic113DrainageMinocqua16 min5 ft2.7 ftNo
Thompson LakePublic401DrainageRhinelander12 min11 ft2.7 ftNo
Thunder LakePublic1,768DrainageThree Lakes9 min4 ft2.3 ftNo