These are all the semi-public lakes with current listings. Click on a lake name to view that lake's listings.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
North Two LakePublic150SeepageMinocqua21 min19 ft18.1 ftNo
Blue LakeSemi-Public441SeepageMinocqua10 min25 ft17.6 ftNo
Carlin LakeSemi-Public155SeepageBoulder Junction25 min18 ft17.4 ftNo
Armour LakeSemi-Public328DrainageBoulder Junction27 min26 ft16.4 ftNo
Katinka LakeSemi-Public170DrainageManitowish Waters20 min26 ft16.3 ftNo
Whitefish LakeSemi-Public200SpringLac Du Flambeau15 min19 ft14 ftNo
Upper Kaubashine LakeSemi-Public181SpringMinocqua9 min26 ft17 ftNo
Bolton LakeSemi-Public140SpringLac Du Flambeau10 min17 ft10.6 ftNo
Soo LakeSemi-Public133SeepageRhinelander15 min6 ft10.4 ftNo
Bolger LakePublic119SeepageMinocqua6 min20 ft18 ftNo
Aldridge LakeSemi-Public142DrainageEagle River12 min6 ft9.8 ftNo
Garth LakeSemi-Public116SeepageMinocqua13 min15 ft8.8 ftNo
Bass LakeSemi-Public124SpringEagle River10 min7 ft8.1 ftNo
Mitten LakeSemi-Public135SeepageLac Du Flambeau14 min12 ft7.4 ftNo