Land O' Lakes Lake Property For Sale

   Land O' Lakes is the smallest town I have on the website. It is located way up North and sits just south of the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan border. Lake homes and lots up in this neck of the woods are usually lower priced just because they are more isolated. So if you are looking for lower priced lake property that affords you a lot of privacy and are willing to drive further north, it's a great place to start your search.

Lakes Near Boulder Junction

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Lac Du LunePublic442Drainage19 min24 ft15.8 ftNo
Black Oak LakePublic564Seepage8 min34 ft14.8 ftNo
Sugar Maple LakePublic141Seepage22 min14 ft14.1 ftNo
Forest LakePublic468Seepage12 min29 ft12.5 ftNo
Big Portage LakePublic586Seepage9 min18 ft12.4 ftNo
West Bay LakePublic368Drainage24 min12 ft9.9 ftCisco
Little Portage LakePublic160Drainage9 min5 ft6.6 ftNo
Landing LakePublic203Drainage5 min9 ft6.3 ftNo
Lac Vieux DesertPublic4,017Drainage14 min20 ft6.1 ftNo
Mill LakePublic125Drainage4 min4 ft4.9 ftNo
Big LakePublic771Drainage19 min13 ft4 ftCisco
Mamie LakePublic337Drainage15 min10 ft4 ftCisco

  • General information about Land O' Lakes:

  • - There are a couple of gas stations in Land O'Lakes.
  • - There are a couple of restaurants.
  • - There are a couple of bars.
  • - The nearest hospital is 22 minutes away.
  • - There is a small grocery store in town.
  • - The year round population is a little under 1,000.

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