Manitowish Waters
   Manitowish Waters is a great little town. There are a ton of outdoor activities available in the area and the town has a laid back artsy feel to it. It definitely is not commercialized. There are quite a few spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat in town. The Manitowish Waters Chain of Lakes surrounds the town. It is a nice chain with clean water and good fishing. If you are looking to be on a chain but would prefer it to be a little more quiet than most chains, the Manitowish Waters Chain would fit the bill. While you get the peace of being way up north, you aren't too far away from the modern conveniences located in Minocqua. The Woodruff / Minocqua is about 20 miles south on Hwy 51.
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Grocery Stores: Location:
Village MarketNorth Side
Hogan's General StoreSouth Side
Closest Hospital:
Howard Young Medical Center - Minocqua / 16 minutes southeast
Nearby Bike Trails:
Heart of Vilas County (Manitowish Waters) - This biking and hiking trail is 14.5 miles long and meanders from the Manitowish Waters Community Center past The North Lakeland Discovery Center and towards Boulder Junction.

Heart of Vilas County (Mercer) - A seven mile biking and hiking trail with three asphalted seconds and three road segments. The trail takes you from Manitowish Waters over to Mercer.

North Lakeland Discovery Center Trails - Biking, Hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails that total twelve miles in length. The trails go around Statehouse Lake and along the Manitowish River. This trail system connects to the Manitowish Waters Trail.

Winman Trails - Trail lengths that vary from 4 to 10 miles in length. Biking, hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are popular activities on this trail.

Nearby Hiking/Cross Country Skiing Trails:
Powell Trails - The Powell Trail system offers loops of 1.5, 2, 4.5, and 7 miles and are great for hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and bird watching. There are no fees associated with the Powell Trail System. The trails are considered easy trails and wind through some old growth timber as well as some recently logged areas.

Northland Lake School Nature and Ski Trails - Eight to ten mil looping trails accessed for the north side of the school's football field. The trails are located on the North Lakeland School grounds and wind through a variety of evergreens and hardwoods. Trails are groomed in the winter.

Heart of Vilas County (Manitowish Waters) - See above for trail description.

Heart of Vilas County (Mercer) - See above for trail description.

North Lakeland Discovery Center Trails - See above for trail description.

Winman Trails - See above for trail description.

Nearby Paddling Routes:
NHAL Canoe Trip #5 - A 19 mile trip with many campsite and take-out locations that goes from Manitowish Waters to Boulder Junction. The trail takes you through many lakes including the completely state owned Escanaba Lake. See the world like it was before people (well, kind of).
Nearby ATV Trails:
No nearby routes
Nearby Snowmobile Trails:
Sno-Skeeters Trails - Twenty five miles of groomed trails that connects to other trail systems that allow full access to the whole Northern WI and Michigan Trail network.


    Distance from Town Center
Surrounding Towns:
Boulder Junction - First you head south on Hwy 51, then east on County Rd H and then east on County Rd K and you will be in Boulder Junction after fifteen minutes in the car. The town is known as the "Musky Capital of the World", more muskies are caught per square mile than any other similar sized area in the world. Boulder Junction used to be the national base of the Boy Scouts for good reason. When you step out of your car in Boulder Junction, you don't even feel right getting back in. It feels like you should walk or bike to your destination. Just a lovely small town setting.

Minocqua - Head south for 26 minutes on Hwy 51 and you will be in Minocqua. The "island city" is probably the most "modern" of the towns in Northern Wisconsin. There are still plenty of the older mom and pop type of businesses, but they are sprinkled in with fast food restaurants and other national box store outlets. There is a wide variety of things to do and places to visit around Minocqua and the chain of lakes that surround the town is one of the most popular ones around. Being popular, it is also the busiest chain around. The town is considered a tourist hot spot and many summer weekends you will feel like you're back in the city with all the people.

Woodruff - A twenty minute drive south on Hwy 51 will take you to Woodruff. Woodruff is basically an extension of Minocqua. The road widens to four lanes and the town blends right into Minocqua.

Mercer - Fifteen minutes north on Hwy 51 will take you into Mercer. There are a few places to eat and a couple gas stations in town. You will also find Claire De Loon (a huge loon statue) in the town center.




Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Little Star LakePublic244Drainage5 min31 ft19.2 ftManitowish Waters
Manitowish LakePublic506Drainage6 min23 ft19.1 ftManitowish Waters
Katinka LakeSemi-Public170Drainage20 min26 ft16.3 ftNo
Harris LakePublic534Drainage21 min24 ft15 ftNo
Papoose LakePublic422Spring Fed12 min28 ft14.7 ftNo
Presque Isle LakePublic1,165Drainage22 min37 ft13.8 ftPresque Isle
Rest LakePublic655Drainage2 min18 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Spider LakePublic272Drainage7 min20 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Rainbow LakePublic146Drainage19 min16 ft11.1 ftNo
Clear LakePublic515Spring Fed10 min16 ft10.2 ftNo
Birch LakePublic528Drainage20 min22 ft10 ftNo
Big LakePublic850Drainage20 min26 ft9.9 ftNo
No Mans LakePublic230Drainage25 min15 ft9.5 ftNo
Island LakePublic1,023Drainage11 min13 ft9.1 ftManitowish Waters
Alder LakePublic264Drainage10 min16 ft8.8 ftManitowish Waters
North Turtle LakePublic359Drainage14 min21 ft8.4 ftWinchester
Dead Pike LakePublic309Drainage8 min26 ft8.4 ftNo
Pardee LakePublic207Drainage35 min13 ft7.3 ftNo
Circle Lily LakePublic218Seepage7 min20 ft5.7 ftNo
South Turtle LakePublic466Drainage13 min15 ft4.8 ftWinchester
Rock LakePublic120Seepage22 min8 ft4.5 ftWinchester
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