Rhinelander Lake Real Estate

   Rhinelander is the most populated city in our region of Northern Wisconsin. While Rhinelander offers more conveniences than other towns, it has a more city like feel than the rustic, old school, up north feel you find in other towns. The lake property for sale in Rhinelander greatly varies. Rhinelander doesn't have as many clear water lakes as other Northern Wisconsin regions. Having said that, there are some great lakes that are just a little ways out of town.

Lakes Near Rhinelander

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Alva LakePublic199Seepage25 min27 ft18.8 ftNo
Squash LakePublic392Seepage16 min22 ft18.4 ftNo
Two Sisters LakePublic719Spring Fed24 min30 ft16.6 ftNo
Long LakePublic113Seepage26 min23 ft16 ftNo
Flannery LakePublic107Seepage14 min12 ft15.8 ftNo
Manson LakePublic236Drainage20 min26 ft12.6 ftNo
Mildred LakePublic191Seepage17 min12 ft12 ftNo
Crescent LakePublic626Spring Fed15 min17 ft11.5 ftNo
Tom Doyle LakePublic108Drainage23 min16 ft10.8 ftNo
Soo LakeSemi-Public133Seepage15 min6 ft10.4 ftNo
Moen LakePublic461Drainage10 min8 ft9.9 ftMoen
Pine LakePublic242Drainage18 min15 ft9 ftNo
Third LakePublic103Drainage13 min6 ft8.7 ftMoen
Second LakePublic111Drainage14 min5 ft8.3 ftMoen
East Horsehead LakePublic191Spring Fed32 min15 ft8.1 ftNo
Fourth LakePublic253Drainage18 min7 ft8 ftMoen
Shepard LakePublic179Drainage3 min10 ft8 ftNo
Lake JuliaPublic241Seepage7 min10 ft7.8 ftNo
Thunder LakePublic172Drainage7 min6 ft7.8 ftNo
West Horsehead LakePublic145Drainage28 min11 ft7.5 ftNo
Fifth LakePublic238Drainage25 min6 ft7.4 ftMoen
Lake CreekPublic172Drainage6 min5 ft7.1 ftRhinelander
Oscar Jenny LakePublic101Seepage23 min12 ft7.1 ftNo
Emma LakePublic227Seepage17 min9 ft7 ftNo
Snowden LakePublic135Seepage13 min6 ft6.8 ftNo
Oneida LakePublic255Drainage27 min10 ft6.6 ftNo
Jennie Webber LakePublic237Drainage9 min5 ft6.5 ftNo
Bass(31) LakePublic124Drainage14 min7 ft6 ftRhinelander
Rhinelander FlowagePublic1,372Drainage9 min5 ft6 ftNo
Boom LakePublic437Drainage5 min11 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
Hancock LakePublic259Drainage27 min11 ft4.4 ftNo
Lake GeorgePublic435Drainage12 min14 ft3.5 ftNo
Thompson LakePublic401Drainage12 min11 ft2.7 ftNo

  • General information about Rhinelander:

  • - There are many gas stations in Rhinelander.
  • - There are many places to eat including fast food places.
  • - There is a Walmart.
  • - There is a Walgreens.
  • - There is a Home Depot.
  • - There are many bars in town.
  • - There is a hospital.
  • - There are mutliple large grocery stores.
  • - The year round population is over 7,500.
  • - More information can be found at Explore Rhinelander.

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