Saint Germain Lake Lots and Homes

   Saint Germain is a town that sits on Hwy 70 between Eagle River and Minocqua. While it isn't as popular as its neighbors, Saint Germain does have many places to eat, drink, shop and have a merry ol' time. Lake property in Saint Germain runs the spectrum from very high end to very affordable.

Lakes Near Saint Germain

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Lake LauraPublic628Seepage23 min20 ft19.6 ftNo
Buffalo LakePublic106Seepage11 min18 ft18 ftNo
North Nokomis LakePublic470Spring Fed13 min30 ft17 ftNo
Plum LakePublic1,108Drainage10 min20 ft16 ftNo
Moon LakePublic131Seepage9 min17 ft15.8 ftNo
Finley LakePublic108Seepage8 min8 ft13.3 ftNo
Razorback LakePublic381Seepage23 min15 ft12.7 ftNo
Little St. GermainPublic729Drainage7 min11 ft12 ftNo
Star LakePublic1,206Drainage20 min23 ft10 ftNo
Chain LakePublic201Drainage17 min12 ft9.9 ftSugar Camp
Echo LakePublic120Drainage19 min8 ft9.5 ftSugar Camp
Muskellunge LakePublic287Spring Fed50 min13 ft9.2 ftNo
Stone LakePublic178Drainage49 min9 ft9.2 ftNo
Ross LakePublic149Drainage20 min6 ft8.6 ftNo
Sand LakePublic540Drainage22 min13 ft8.2 ftSugar Camp
Ericson LakePublic46Drainage23 min8 ft8 ftNo
Dam LakePublic732Drainage9 min18 ft7.4 ftSugar Camp
Big St. Germain LakePublic1,622Drainage7 min21 ft6.9 ftNo
Pickerel LakePublic293Drainage25 min12 ft6.5 ftNo
Gilmore LakePublic314Drainage17 min9 ft6.3 ftNo
Lake ContentPublic239Seepage2 min24 ft5.7 ftNo
Lost LakePublic544Drainage6 min9 ft5.5 ftNo
Found LakePublic336Drainage8 min11 ft4.9 ftNo
Rainbow FlowagePublic3,153Drainage6 min8 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
Pickerel LakePublic736Drainage6 min9 ft3.6 ftNo

  • General information about Saint Germain:

  • - There is a gas station in town.
  • - There are many places to eat in Saint Germain.
  • - There are many bars in town.
  • - Saint Germain has a golf course.
  • - There are two hospitals within 24 minutes.
  • - There is a nice grocery store.
  • - The year round population is just a bit over 2,000.
  • - More information can be found at the Saint Germain website.

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