Three Lakes Lake Homes and Lots For Sale

   Charming Three Lakes, Wisconsin was recently voted the "Single Best Town in America." It is a neat old town filled to the brim with character. Three lakes is a 12 minute drive from Eagle River and a 25 minute drive to Rhinelander. There are a wide variety of lake properties for sale in the area.

Lakes Near Three Lakes

Gold Bars signify lakes I like best.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Whitefish LakePublic199Drainage13 min16 ft11.2 ftThree Lakes
Spirit LakePublic348Drainage3 min14 ft11 ftNo
Lone Stone LakePublic171Seepage20 min15 ft10.5 ftNo
Maple LakePublic131Spring Fed3 min8 ft10.2 ftNo
Big Stone LakePublic607Drainage5 min21 ft8.9 ftThree Lakes
Virgin LakePublic276Drainage9 min13 ft8.8 ftNo
Dog LakePublic202Drainage10 min8 ft8.7 ftThree Lakes
Little Fork LakePublic336Drainage11 min16 ft8.2 ftThree Lakes
Four Mile LakePublic210Drainage17 min12 ft8.2 ftThree Lakes
Deer LakePublic177Drainage7 min10 ft7 ftThree Lakes
Laurel LakePublic249Drainage5 min8 ft6.9 ftThree Lakes
Big LakePublic865Drainage10 min13 ft6.8 ftThree Lakes
Round LakePublic150Drainage13 min8 ft6.5 ftThree Lakes
Crystal LakePublic100Drainage6 min8 ft6.2 ftThee Lakes
Crooked LakePublic175Spring Fed15 min6 ft6.1 ftNo
Island LakePublic305Drainage10 min11 ft5.7 ftThree Lakes
Big Fork LakePublic663Drainage17 min17 ft5.2 ftThree Lakes
Medicine LakePublic396Drainage5 min22 ft5 ftThree Lakes
Range Line LakePublic123Drainage5 min14 ft5 ftThree Lakes
Townline LakePublic152Drainage4 min12 ft4.8 ftThree Lakes
Thunder LakePublic1,768Drainage9 min4 ft2.3 ftNo

  • General information about Three Lakes:

  • - There are gas stations in Three Lakes.
  • - There are places to eat in and around town.
  • - There is a hardware store.
  • - There is a golf course.
  • - There are many bars in town.
  • - There are two hospitals located within 25 minutes of town.
  • - There is a nice grocery store.
  • - The year round population is a bit over 2,000.

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