I've found that lake size is the hardest category to give advice on because size alone means so little. People usually have a number in their head as far as how many acre lake they want to be on and then as soon as they look at a few other size lakes the number starts to change. Shoreline, depth, lot location/orientation and many other factors contribute to whether a lake will work for you way more than does size.

    Lake Size

    600+ Acres
      The biggest lakes in Northern Wisconsin. Lakes bigger than 600 acres are often the busiest lakes as they have the most people and the most public access points.
    300-600 Acres
      My favorite sized lake. Big enough to provide great views and room to do whatever you want while still giving that picturesque "Up North" look where you look across the lake and see the meeting of forest, sky, and water.
    150-300 Acres
      Lakes with an average depth of 7 to 15 feet. Lakes with these depths often have a bigger area of weeds along the shorelines and cleaner water in the deeper holes. These lakes can also be good fishing lakes.
    100-150 Acres
      Lakes with an average depth of less than 7 feet. These lakes have more weed growth and there is potential for the whole lake to be overtaken by weeds. The lower volume of water also makes the water dirtier by nature.